About Us

What we do at False Buddha ~


Former CIA Officer Shelly Mateer is the author of Single in the CIA, the Mingling in the CIA series, Mission: Stand Down, Mommy Thinks She’s A Monster and The Lemon Seed. All of Shelly’s projects can be found on her website.

Content Creation:

Whether it is content for email newsletters, blogs, websites, or even media companies – we love to write and create! We even do coding for websites and other projects that require knowledge of HTML.

App Development:

We developed the Cooking in the CIA app, which is available on the App Store.

Travel the world through food as only a CIA officer can! From Transylvania to Peru, ex CIA officer Shelly Mateer has you covered! Entertain like a pro – or at least like an international spy…

This app has a list of recipes that are great for entertaining or simply preparing for your family. They are all favorites of the author. It comes complete with an easy-to-use shopping list that allows you to add ingredients to your list with the touch of a finger.


We offer consulting services for various forms of online content creation. Contact us today to help with your next project!